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MCH/GCH Hill Country's EJ Zip Drive 8*D/2*M


2xJrGCH, 3xSrGCH, 4xSrRGCH

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ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Z Mai Tai 4*D/3*M


1xJrGCH, 2xRGCH Sr, 4xGCH Sr, 2xBOB, 2xBIS, 2xBU

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ARMCH/GCH Hill Country’s KW Bridges Burn 2*D/1*M VG


2xJrGCH, 5xGCH, 4xBU, 5xBOB, 1xBIS(Sr) 

2009 National Champion Doe

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MCH/GCH Lost Valley CC Tatiana 4*D/1*M


2xJrGCH, 2x SrRGCH, 2xSrGCH, 4xBU, 3xBOB

2012 National Jr Champion

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MCH/GCH Lost Valley CC Kenzi 6*D/1*M


2xJrGCH, 2x SrRGCH, 3xSrGCH, 6xBU, 1xBOB

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MCH/GCH Lost Valley Mila Niespodzianka 5*D/5*M


1xRJrGCH, 2xJrGCH, 4xGCHSr, 2 x BU

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S: Lost Valley KW Eskimo Joe *S

SS: Gay-Mor’s RA Kingwood ++*S   

SD: Hill Country’s Like A Phenomenon 2*D

D: Hill Country’s Virtual Reality 7*D/1*M AR2096

DS: Lost Pines Prince +*S

DD: Stonewall’s Chocolate Swirl 6*D (first 6*D of the breed in 99)


Zippy has pleased us in every way.  She is a small package that’s put together very nicely.  A very dairy doe with a lovely well attached udder with easy to milk teats, and strong MSL.  She has done very well in the show ring and I think as she gets older will prove herself even more.  Zippy already has 1 daughter that is a dual champion.  We are very excited about her future in our breeding program. Zippy went out as a 7th freshener and finished her MCH requirements and her CH requirements as an 8 year old.  Love this doe and her people pleasing personality.

Mai Tai


S: MCH/GCH Hill Country BB Zydeco +S/+B

SS: Steele Ballew Blue Bayou +S

SD: MCH Goodwood Carmen*D

D: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Shiraz 3*D/2*M

DS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S

DD: Hill Country's Shatarr 2*D/1*M




Mai Tai is a very nice doe with a lovely udder.  She has a personality to boot!  She is easy to milk with open orfices and plumb teats.  She has good lateral attachment and a nice udder all around.  She placed 4th out of 21 in the two yr old class at ‘11 AGS Nationals even after a 1400 miles and five days in a pen.  We took her out this year as an 8 year 8th freshener, she still looks just as lovely as ever!    



S: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S

SS: Stonewall's Raising Arizona ++S   

SD: ARMCH Goodwood Trillium *D 

D: CH Steele Ballew Lantanna *D

DS: MCH Steele Ballew Blue Bayou

DD: MCH Half Pint Flora E


Burny is just a wonderful doe.  She has such a snug udder, level topline, smooth foreudder.  She loves to be milked and is very easy to milk with very open orfices.  She milks out to nothing.   A farm favorite with her sweet personality and easy going nature.  Definitely a character and has an easy going nature about her. Very spoiled girl indeed. 


8th Freshening

S: Lost Valley PG Casting Crowns +*S/+*B

SS: MCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Pegasus *S/+*B 

SD:ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Callisto 2*D/2*M    ‘08 National Champion, ‘10 Reserve National Champion

D: Lost Valley MR Say My Name 3*D

DS: ARMCH/CH Lost Valley KW Mercury Rising +*S (2 x National Ch)

DD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Fit’NTemptation 2*D/2*M


Just a lovely, lovely doe.  Very long and level, extremely dairy and correct.  I thought she was pretty special and seems I was right, she pleased us by going to her very first show and taking National Champion! We are pleased with how Tat freshened and is milking.  Strong medial and correct teat placement would maybe like to smooth that foreudder out a bit but there is no pocket so I’m pretty happy with that. I adore this doe and all my Casting Crown offspring.  She picked up her final leg standing in the line-up with 2 of her other Say My Name sisters owned by Nadia Jarreau, that’s the type of consistency I love to see! 

Tatiana went to AGS Nationals and placed 2nd in the aged doe class. We were pretty pleased with the placing considering that she didn't udder up fully.  On Sunday she finally decided to come back out and strut her stuff and won BOB!!!!



S: Lost Valley PG Casting Crowns +*S/+*B

SS: MCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Pegasus *S/+*B 

SD:ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Callisto 2*D/2*M    ‘08 National Champion, ‘10 Reserve National Champion

D: Lost Valley TB Halo 5*D

DS: ARMCH Lost Valley Tae Bo ++*S E, ++B

DD: Lost Valley LA Toriaza 4*D


Another beautiful CC daughter.  Kenzi has pleased us in every way.  She was a gorgeous junior and has blossomed into a beautiful senior.  She is very dairy having wide flat ribs that are very open, thin thin dairy skin and a beautiful mammary. Coming out as a second freshener she’s just wowed us.  She’s just gorgeous taking her class 8 out of 8 rings and picking up 2 Reserves & a Grand.   Just love this doe!



Lost Valley Malachi ++*S, ++B

SS: ARMCH Twin Creeks BW Perfect Storm ++*S/++B 

SD: Lost Valley Zinfandel 3*D (2xGCH) 

ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Cassiopeia 4*D/4*M

DS: Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S

DD: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley RTW Madison 3*D/3*M


We absolutely adore this productive little doe. Mila is a little milking powerhouse!  Very dairy, sharp and angular with a beautiful udder that's high and wide in the rear and smooth and wide in the fore.  Mila is a 5+lb milker and sustains her lactations beautifully. 

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