Junior Does


Lost Valley KSR Happy Dance

S:Lost Valley MTE Killians Red *S/*B

D: Lost Valley LL Gabbie 6*D/5*M


So in love with this kid, she’s not a people person yet but we are gonna work on that because she’s just too beautiful.  So excited to see this girl grow!

Lost Valley CC Avery

S:Lost Valley PG Casting Crowns +*S/+*B

D: Lost Valley ML No More Drama 3*D/3*M


This is a really pretty kid. Avery is long and level. We love the overall look of her long and stretchy we can’t wait to see her mature.

Lost Valley JJ Evian

S: Lost Valley C JoJo *S/*B

D: Lost Valley ML Hallelujah 4*D/2*M


Oh my goodness I am in love with Evian! This breeding was just beautiful and Evian is proof. Long, level, deep and wide.  This one is definitely one to watch for in the future!. 

Lost Valley MOS Hello Beautiful "Ellie"

S: Lost Valley FB Moses *S

D: ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Nala 4*D/3*M E


Ellie is our pride and joy (She likes to be called Princess Ellie).  She is as rotten of a goat as we have ever had or will ever have probably.  She rivals her father in spoiledness. When this little girl was born, to 12 year old Nala,. I saw her come out and the first thing I said was well hello beautiful!  It seemed fitting!  Since Nala’s recent passing she is all the more precious to us. She has Nala’s beautiful structure and her dad’s quirky personality and we couldn’t love her more.