Deposit for reservations


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

The deposit on 1 kid is $50 (reservation)

If placing a deposit on a kid already born you will need to log into Paypal and send  $100 per kid. Email for Paypal is

Terms Of Sale

Please read the entire Terms of Sale BEFORE placing a deposit!!


A non-refundable deposit of $50 per animal will hold the kid of your choice if deposit is made before kid is born.  A $100 non-refundable deposit is required on kids(already on the ground) or adults.  If your first choice is not available(including owner retaining kid(s), the deposit may be applied to another kid of your choice or you may wait for the next breeding on that doe. 

**** You have two weeks to make payment on 1/2 of the remaining balance due on your kid(s) once you have been notified by us your kid(s) is born.  Your final payment on the kid(s) must be paid within 6 weeks of the kid(s) being born. Any animals sold on this page must be paid for within 2 weeks of original deposit (unless some other arrangements are made with us).  Full payment for the animal as well as shipping expenses (testing, health certificate, etc.) must be paid in full before an animal will be shipped.  If you cannot make your payments in a timely manner, please do not place a deposit.  If the goats you place deposits on are not paid in full within the allotted time frame you give up you right to said animal and the animal will be placed back up for sale.  

 General health papers are $60 due to the rise in gas and health certificates, if your state requires brucellosis, TB, or other special testing, this will be added to your bill.  We do ship nation-wide.  We ship out of San Antonio International Airport .  There is a $20 fee if shipped out of San Antonio to cover cost of gas.  We will also deliver animals to shows that we attend at no extra cost.  The state of Texas is certified TB or Brucellosis free.  We have done extensive testing for both, CL and CAE (WSU or Bio Tracking) with all tests being negative.

If kids are not picked up, shipped or other arrangements made by weaning, there will be $2 per day boarding charge added to total bill.   We guarantee that all our kids are free of any disqualifying faults.  This does not include a height guarantee.  We reserve the right to cancel any sale(s) of an animal(s) if we deem neccesary for the well being of that animal.  In the event we do cancel the sale of an animal(s) for any reason, we will refund monies paid in on the cost of the animal(s) minus the original deposit and care and upkeep, as deposits are non refundable.  Note: if we do decide to refund any monies it will be at our convenience.  By sending a deposit the buyer agrees to be bound by our terms of sale.  All of our kids are healthy when they leave the farm and we will not be held responsible for loss of an animal due to shipping stress or illness contracted after they leave our care.

If an animal is posted as being "exposed" to a buck we do not guarantee that animal is bred.  "Exposed" simply means that animal has been in with a buck for a period of time.  If an animal is posted as being bred, that means we have either done a sonogram or blood test to assure pregnancy, it does not guarantee #'s of bucks or does.  There will be no refund of money under any circumstance for a doe that aborts or does not have live viable kids.

Please note all kids are giving their CD/T's on their left side, they could have a knot where the injection was administered.  On occasion they do get infected, we just wash the area with antibacterial soap and apply a little neosporin.  It usually heals up within a week or so. 


Please make checks payable to: Amy Kowalik not Lost Valley Nigerians.


****Note if money has been applied to an animal and the buyer backs out of the deal , there is no refund of monies paid in. 

About the goats for sale

Due to some of my health issues we have decided to sell off part of the herd to make numbers more manageable.  Prices are firm. This is our initial list but we may have to make a second cut. Please understand this was a hard decision and these animals are very worthy of being in our or anyone's herd.  These are not just cull goats that we don't like. This is not a complete herd sell out simply a herd reduction. 

Kids for Sale

Grace/Harbor Master Doe



Beautiful sweet kid. Bred for milk and show.  She's very mild mannered for a bottle baby. Long and level bred for udder height and width should make an excellent show prospect.

Hallelujah/Harbor Master Buck



I felt like I should have named this buck Smooth Operator he's gorgeous, level, long and smoothly blended.  Bred for height and width of rear mammary and smoothness of fore this may be your udder buck!

Brody/Neeko Buck



 I realllly like this boy, Nice and tight and smooth in the shoulders, beautiful depth and width throughout.  Bred for snug and capacious udders I think he would be a lovely addition to anyone's herd. 

Libby/Casting Crowns Doe



I want to keep this doe soooo bad. She's just gorgeous! Simply stunning not so much as she's standing here but on the move she's so fluid, dairy and graceful. 

Athlon/Hot Pursuit



Deep and wide a powerhouse little doe that is still dairy and open. Her dam has an amazing absolutely socked on udder. This doe would make a beautiful addition to anyone's herd.