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A Little About Us

We have been raising Quality Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats for over 25 years. At Lost Valley we Strive for excellence in both the show ring and the milk pail. We believe that the Nigerian Dwarf should be structurally correct, produce for your needs and be hardy and long lasting.  


Who We Are

Welcome to Lost Valley.  We are glad you stopped by our home on the web.  Lost Valley is located northwest of San Antonio in the beautiful Texas hill country.  Lost Valley is owned and operated by myself (Audrey) and my sister (Amy).  We have been raising goats for nearly 30 years.  Although, we originally raised nubians, and for a while lamanchas we now strictly raise Nigerians "the miniature dairy goat". We have been raising nigerians since January of 1994.  We attend several shows a year.  We enjoy showing and milking our goats


Our Promise to You

We are dedicated to raising top quality, healthy, and correct Nigerians.  Although we have been breeding goats for a quite a few years not all breedings turn out they way we hope.  We do our best to produce quality animals but there are no guarantees that they will turn out to be champions or great milkers.  We strive to continually better our herd and it's produce and to learn and partake in as many aspects of the breed as possible.  We believe that there is no “perfect” goat although we are trying to work towards that goal :o)  we will never claim that “this one has a perfect udder, I find no fault in it” or “I wouldn’t change a thing about this goat she’s perfect in every way”.  Goats are just like humans we all have faults and things that we can improve on.  We promise to be open and honest with you about any positive or negative traits we see in our animals.  We believe only then can you make an informed decision about who will fit into your herd and breeding program.

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Farm visits are by appointment only

Although we love our customers we ask that farm visits are by appointment only. We have to make sure that we take our animals health seriously so we will only grant access to the property if we can assure the Bio Security of the herd. 

Lost Valley Dairy Goats

PO Box 63773, Pipe Creek, TX 78063, US

Audrey & Amy Kowalik